What makes you unique


Gathering the "ingredients" for successful communication is all about the quality of the brief.

This document, entrusted to the graphic designers, is necessary for the definition of your visual identity, which is prepared with you.

It's not enough to be better, you have to be different; better still, you have to be unique. And for that, there's nothing better than being yourself.

A simple brief written after an interview isn't always enough to collect the identity elements of a company or institution.

The issues are often more complex: overall coherence of the communication, anchoring in the company's core values, positioning in relation to the competition, evolution of an image, necessary choices, missing elements to make these choices...

That's why Ugocom has the skills and methods to support you in the analysis and reflection phase that determines the success of your communication.


Together, professionally, we put together an effective and realistic project,
tailored to your ambitions, challenges and deadlines :


Interviews to identify strategy, vision, positioning, values…

Workshops in groups within your company to think about targeting, building an image, a project, the elements of a brief... > In workshops or in the form of studies and presentations, analysis of the sector and your brand's positioning.

Consumer research (qualitative, quantitative): perception, attitudes and behavior...

360° analysis of your communications.

The challenge is to define the brief, in other words, the reasoned and justified elements that will be entrusted to the graphics team. These elements will guide them and validate their work.