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In the Internet ecosystem, webmarketing has become an art in its own right. Companies that succeed are those that manage to create a synergy in their strategy through the implementation of complementary digital tools adapted to the evolution of behaviors.

Today UGOCOM whose agencies are located in Paris - Frankfurt accompanies you in the development of a form of mobile marketing less widespread than the creation of mobile/ responsive site with companies, but which proves equally advantageous and promising in terms of services and customer satisfaction: the creation of a mobile application.

Focus on mobile market trends, the definition of this technology, highlighting the differences between a mobile site and a mobile application, the interests of such a development and finally the skills of the UGOCOM agency to accompany you in the creation of your custom application.


1. Strong trends in mobile apps

Two very clear market trends justify the integration of a mobile application into your digital strategy:

> On the one hand, the number of mobile users in France in 2014 continues to evolve…

With more than 25 million users in 2014 in France, the smartphone has become an inescapable communication tool for service companies.

Being aware of the stakes by accepting this tool as a means at your service is a source of opportunity for the image of the company and for the experience of users

By deploying dedicated media such as mobile sites and more particularly mobile applications, we can make these tools a very effective way to get closer to consumers through services that provide real added value to your customers (For example, for a store, the implementation of an application dedicated to current promotions, news, different events, to the points of sale closest to the user by geolocation… can be extremely useful while strengthening the web to store strategy of the brand).

To conclude on the trends in mobile use, According to Comscore, a company analyzing the technologies and behaviors of the population in the digital, in a few years only the mobile web will surpass the traditional web.

We are all the more apprehensive about the interest of thinking about "mobile strategy" in order to position ourselves as a pioneer and better stand out in its sector of activity.

> On the other hand, in 2013 there was a significant increase in the use of mobile applications worldwide…

According to mobile market analysis firm Flurry, mobile app usage increased by 115% in 2013. Use of messaging apps and community networks such as Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook or Twitter increased by 203% in 2013 while utility apps (such as flashlights) increased by 149% (Source: Flurry)

As evidenced by the trends outlined above, changing market behaviours offer new opportunities that a mobile app offers you to leverage… But before presenting you his many interests we will begin to demystify this term.

2. What is a mobile app ?

A mobile application is an application software developed to be installed on a mobile electronic device, such as a smartphone, a tablet, a PDA (handheld computer) or a digital player.

A mobile application can either be downloaded from an application store called «application store» or installed directly on the device from its factory manufacture.

To date, there are several mobile operating systems (OS), the most popular of which are:

  • IOS  >  Apple used on Iphone and Ipad;
  • Android > Google used by many smartphones (Samsung, LG, HTC…);
  • Blackberry OS > Blackberry;
  • Windows Phone > Microsoft;
  • Symbian > Nokia;

Each mobile OS has a technology and a store where applications can be downloaded either free of charge or for a financial consideration :

  • AppStore for iPhone and iPad apps (500,000 apps),
  • Android Market (300,000 apps),
  • Blackberry App World (40 000 apps),
  • Windows Marketplace (30,000 apps),
  • Samsung Apps Store (12 000 apps),
  • Nokia Ovi (85,000 apps).

For the public who is not very familiar with mobile developments: mobile site, mobile application, UGOCOM (Paris - Frankfurt) highlights the differences between technologies to make you an informed audience


3. What are the differences between a mobile app and a mobile site?

The application and the mobile site although using identical consultation media (smartphones, tablets) are different both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of their purpose.

Indeed, a mobile application is a software that requires to be downloaded on its smartphone while the mobile site is simply a website adapted to the formats of smartphones and tablets. It is accessed simply by having an internet connection unlike the applications that must be downloaded on the store platforms of the different mobile operating systems.

In addition, on a website updates are active and initiated directly by the site manager without the user being aware of the contrary the mobile application means an update activated by the user.

Finally, their motivation for development and their purpose are singular. A mobile website is more suitable in the case of a mobile communication with the aim of informing a wide audience, promoting a targeted promotional objective and limited in time.

As for the mobile application, installed on the user’s smartphone, it is perfect for companies that want to set up a service whose use is intended to be regular and recurring. It thus makes it possible to meet a specific need while allowing user loyalty

Be aware, however, that you should not perceive a smartphone application and a site adapted for mobile as competitors but rather as complementary tools to create a synergy at the origin of the benefits related to your different investments.

4. What are the interests of the mobile app ?

Mobile applications seduce, and on more than objective criteria. Figures and market trends bear this out: iPhone and other smartphone owners regularly use apps. But what are the advantages of these apps compared to a mobile site? Here are the main ones:

1. Technology that delivers better performance

This technology offers better opportunities to develop rich interfaces with better performance. Therefore the application allows a valuation of the user experience.

2. Capture users’ attention more easily

The mobile app allows you to send push notifications, which is ideal for informing your users by encouraging them to consult your information.
This makes it easier to capture the attention of your audience.

3. Invest in different marketplaces to promote your visibility

Mobile apps also help maximize the visibility of your business. Indeed, each marketplace generates its own traffic, not to mention that these are indexed by search engines.

4. Take advantage of the native features of different operating systems

A native application is a mobile application that is developed specifically for one of the operating systems used by smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc).

Developing a native application generally makes it possible to use all the features related to the target operating system (GPS, accelerometer, camera, etc.)

This is particularly interesting to offer a relevant use to the user, while developing the web to store strategy by offering the user to find the store closest to his position for example…

The mobile applications cover many benefits: comfort of use for the user, direct access to the contents of the application through the îcone on the dashbord of the smartphone, exploitation of native features (push, GPS)...

With the many advantages and opportunities offered by applications, UGOCOM puts its expertise at the service of the development of your mobile application creation project


5. Ugocom mobile app development agency in Paris - Frankfurt

UGOCOM supports you in the development of your mobile application and your mobile strategy through different skills:

1. Mobile strategy consulting

UGOCOM analyzes your needs and your project to suggest the most suitable technical deployment for your objectives. Our skills also allow us to analyze your existing situation by conducting an audit of your mobile strategy to guide our recommendations for action.

2. Mobile App Creation

Ugocom designs your efficient mobile applications on several mobile operating systems, IOS, Android, Blackberry OS, windows phone… We take charge of your project from conception to launch while ensuring the operational maintenance of the services offered by the applications.

3. Responsive website / web application creation

Since everything suggests that the web will be all the more mobile in the future... UGOCOM also supports you in your mobile web issues with the creation of responsive website and web application creation.

For a tailor-made study of your mobile application project, mobile website or web application, our team is at your disposal > Contact.


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