Communication Consulting

Do you recognize yourself in your communication ?


Your communication tools can be disparate or inconsistent.

This important phase is too often overlooked, which is why so many companies and institutions feel the need for in-depth reflection.

What is missing is the most abundant and at the same time the rarest resource: time. However, with method, the investment of time and means that allows to firmly establish a communication, or to correct it, is very realistic.

This is why Ugocom has the internal skills and the method to support you in building an effective, consistent, loyal and integrated communication in your company.

For the communication strategy and graphic design, our artistic director and his team, with our speaker in analysis and communication strategy, ensure the fidelity and consistency of your identity.

Our IT engineers ensure the development, unity and compatibility of web tools. Our project manager ensures the execution of the printing work.


Communication Consulting

With these teams, we can support you through projects such as:


The consistency of a communication : hierarchy of the brands of a group, multiplicity of products, cohabitation of several brands, historical cumulation of different discourses, difficulties related to internal or internal growth, international development…

The creation of a product, the opening of a new market : positioning issues, insertion into the existing axiology of the market, values whose brand is invested…

The creation of a visual identity : definition of the brief elements, translation by our graphic team… For this, we use the methods of marketing and semiotics, or theory of meaning processes: (to know more about semiotics)

Analysis of your communication, in workshops with you or in the form of study and presentation.

Study of your sector, analysis of the different positions (again, together or in the form of studies), > Consumer studies (perception, attitudes, behaviour, etc.)

Design of the graphic brief.

These skills are fully integrated into our historical know-how in web communication.

Indeed, after staging the identities of hundreds of companies and institutions, we have entered an era where media must be conceived as a whole expressing a unique, clear and distinctive identity.

A speech must be transversal, a website must be designed for all screen formats, from smartphone to computer; physical media (paper, packaging, etc.) and virtual must refer to each other; all these tools can be at the service of the commercial mission (e-commerce….) and even the general management of the company (access to stocks via intranet, QR Code, customer-supplier interface…).

Communication has become a key function of the company, a complex business combining analysis, graphics and information technology. UGOCOM can support you in this complexity to make it together.