Our team can help you meet all your needs in terms of communication, digital development and international e-business solutions. We are your dedicated partner for companies looking to conquer global markets, particularly the European one. Our aim is to support you throughout your expansion your expansion, ensuring that your company thrives and grows successfully on the international stage.

To achieve this, we make it a point of honor to get to know and understand you, so that we can provide you with answers tailored to your specific needs.
your identity, your specificities and your objectives: your uniqueness.

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360° International Communications Agency and Web Design Paris - Frankfurt

For 25 years, Ugocom has supported its clients in their international development projects.

We provide expertise in communications, marketing and web.
As for the latter, we design the necessary tools to strengthen, optimize and make profitable their investments in a sector that has become essential.

Whatever the objectives related to their website project (communication, promotion, e-business, SEO, etc.), Ugocom offers the right solutions to achieve them.

Our team members strive to meet the requirements of our clients, the private and public sectors. To do this, they are constantly on the lookout for new developments, in order to provide the best advice and the most appropriate technical solutions.

Showcase website

A company's online presence has become essential. This channel is a formidable vector for communication and promotion, offering the opportunity to develop activities (e-commerce, search for new markets, etc.).
UGOCOM develops attractive, tailor-made websites in line with the objectives defined by its customers.

E-commerce website

With more than 1.5 billion e-commerce transactions a year in France, the business opportunities offered by the Internet are well established.
UGOCOM develops tailor-made online stores (secure payment, traceability, customer service, promotions, etc.) using Prestashop or Magento solutions. We offer an open source system with real ease of use thanks to its modularity.

Mobile application

Mobile users spend an average of 1h50 on their smartphones, and 87% of this time is spent on applications (games, services, business and industry, education, entertainment, or lifestyle), making them the ultimate communication tool.
UGOCOM develops innovative and engaging custom applications for Android and iOS.

Coupling web solutions with your management tools

Coordinate your company's management tools (accounting or planning) with your website, bringing all your data together in one place.
Your information management will be simplified and secured, and you'll benefit from significant time savings.

PrestaShop E-commerce coupling with your cash register software

By combining the digital and the physical, companies can set up an interconnected, automated cash management system. Optimize your online and offline management by coordinating actions carried out in-store and on the e-commerce site.

Ugocom offers you a tailor-made, high-performance and secure solution for your customers and visitors.

E-commerce coupling with marketplaces

By linking information between your e-commerce and the various Marketplaces (Amazon, Fnac, Ebay...) on which you wish to carry out or control movements, you can offer yourself more intuitive and rapid control of your stocks and online movements.

UGOCOM can advise and support you in setting up this system.

SEO & Marketing

Website audit

UGOCOM offers you an audit of your website to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.
The aim is to highlight the improvements the agency will be able to make in the following areas: technical, design and SEO.

Tagging plan

You want to collect, monitor and analyze your data to understand your visitors' behavior in order to improve your sales policy and optimize your e-marketing campaigns.
UGOCOM can advise and support you in setting up and implementing a tagging plan for your website.

Natural search engine optimization

Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all actions taken to optimize a site's placement in Internet search results. SEO is a long-term process, but once a site is positioned, it generates free traffic. UGOCOM's team offers you the technical skills you need to implement this strategy.

Google search engine optimization

The aim of paid SEO on Google is to help you gain visibility quickly and appear on the first page of search engines to generate not only qualified traffic, but also sales on your site. It requires special attention and a meticulous approach.
UGOCOM can advise and support you in placing your site at the top of search results, giving you high visibility while guaranteeing your profitability.

Social media adds

This refers to all paid advertising of content on social networks. In this strategy, targeting is very precise and enables you to obtain qualified prospects very quickly, optimize brand awareness, generate traffic and increase engagement on your website. UGOCOM will advise and support you in the development of your social media ads plan, so that you can achieve the objectives we've set together.

Automotion marketing

Automation marketing is the process of automating repetitive marketing deals.
The advantage of automation marketing is that it increases the productivity of marketing teams by enabling them to handle several tasks in a little bit of time.
UGOCOM can advise and support you in implementing this strategy within your company.

Manage your brand's social networks

Editorial strategy

To ensure the quality and longevity of your presence on social networks, UGOCOM can help you define a personalized, original editorial strategy in line with your communication, business and marketing objectives.

Creative contents

The efficiency of communication on social networks depends on the originality and creativity of the content diffused. En lien avec vos objectifs, UGOCOM se propose d’apporter à vos publications cette touche d’inventivité indispensable.

Community manager

UGOCOM can take charge of your social networking activities. To do this, we'll define a communication plan in advance, in line with your objectives.


Social network users are fond of contests. These contests are a great way to liven up and energize your communication while involving potential prospects. UGOCOM can design and implement this attractive content for you.


The agency can design these software robots, programmed to simulate discussions with a visitor or customer according to predefined conversation scenarios.


Social networks are constantly offering new advertising formats with extremely precise targeting. UGOCOM can help you set up personalized campaigns.

With over 675 million members, LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence. Expand your local and international network with Ugocom. It's much more than just presence on this platform: it's an opportunity to grow your business thanks to our skills in prospecting and optimizing your presence on LinkedIn. We establish strategies to initiate conversations and build relationships with your potential prospects, enabling you to expand your network and boost your business.