Google Ads SEO agency

Complementing your natural search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, and helping you position yourself on generic, highly competitive keywords, sponsored links are a good alternative for achieving your objectives.

Our team can help you launch and manage your SEA project, increasing the profitability of your campaigns through rigorous analysis and optimization.

The benefits of an Adwords advertising campaign  

> Above natural results
> Quick to set up
> Investment budget proportional to the number of visits
> Almost guaranteed positioning on the bidding system and quality 


Complementing your natural referencing> A dual presence to boost brand image and chances of clicks
> Variable user behavior: traffic shared between SEO and SEA
> Need to be present to capture maximum traffic
> SEA reinforces SEO for choice of lexical field

Ugocom, a consulting and management service for Adwords campaigns

Our team will guide you through the various settings required for a successful campaign: 


/ Keyword targeting
/ Geographic targeting
/ Language targeting
/ Ad extension management
/ Campaign structure
/ Ad creation
/ Analysis, management & campaign tracking

We work with you to define your campaign objectives and performance indicators.

We provide you with tracking reports, so you don't have to connect to the platform, saving you time and money (number of impressions, number of clicks, number of conversions...).

The added value of our service is based on an approved method and regular monitoring to optimize campaigns and make any necessary adjustments.

Take advantage of our expertise to optimize your spending, reduce your cost per click, increase your ROI and save time.

Contact us for a customized study of your Google Adwords campaign.