Pomme Juliet®

The Juliet® apple tells the story of 4 men who decided to grow this delicious apple variety exclusively organically and with 100% French production.

The Juliet® apple complies with very specific specifications that prohibit GMOs, pesticides & synthetic herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This apple is grown on over 570 hectares of land in France with respect for the environment and animal welfare.

And this apple is so successful because of its delicious taste, which is used in juices, ciders, compotes, sparkling wines and even cider vinegar.

Ugocom was tasked with redesigning the Pomme Juliet website, including :

- Transfer of existing graphic guidelines to the website
- Integration of web graphics
- Creation of FR & EN versions of the site
- Creation of SEO-optimized website content
- Filling the website 
- Website in Responsive design
- JQUERY animation
- Management of 301 redirects to preserve and perpetuate referencing
- Community management

The results are in :

- 1st position on Google for the expression ORGANIC APPLE
- 4th position on Google for the expression ORGANIC APPLE JUICE
The strategy is deployed on the French and export markets.

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