Specializing in bedbug extermination, Cynotherm works in all types of premises, including homes, cinemas, schools, specialized establishments, hotels and even boats.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, but thanks to Cynotherm's specific intervention methods, you can be 100% sure of being rid of them. 

Cynotherm uses heat treatment to eliminate bedbugs, with heating temperatures of up to 80°C. With this equipment, Cynotherm kills bedbugs in less than a minute, compared with 1h to 7h with a lower temperature (45-48°C).

What's more, to prevent the presence and proliferation of bedbugs, Cynotherm has a sniffer dog that will scour your premises to find out where the insects are hiding.

Ugocom's mission was to create the Cynotherm website, including :

- Creation of the graphic charter
- Integration of web graphics
- Creation of the FR version of the website
- Training in updating the website
- Responsive design

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